TypeScript / JavaScript library for all your MIDI needs.

What is MIDIVal?

MIDIVal is TypeScript / JavaScript library for sending and recieving MIDI data using tidly organised API. It is easily extendable, platform agnostic and built with modern patterns in mind.

  • Easy Syntax

    Use event-driven interface instead of building and parsing messages by hand!

  • Written in TypeScript

    With included type definitions you can write your code with greater confidence!

  • Extendability

    You can use the same interface to run code in the browser, node or in the browser.

  • @midival/core

    yarn add @midival/core

    Core libary providing easy to use interface to communicate with both MIDI IN and OUT. Has browser MIDI implementation by default and can be extended with other modules.

    Check documentation
  • @midival/node

    yarn add @midival/node

    Implementation of MIDI communication for Node. Provides the same interface as @midival/core.

    Check documentation
  • @midival/native

    yarn add @midival/native

    React Native library (bindings with iOS, Android comming in the future). Provides the same interface as @midival/core.